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Dog Things 4 Sale

Buy & Sell Used or New Dog Items!

Classified Ads for Dog-Related Items
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Buy, sell, auction, & trade your new or used dog stuff!

Dog Things 4 Sale

What: A new community for those looking to sell dog-related stuff to other dog people.

Why: Apparently we're masochists. (Also because we saw a need that should be filled.)

Who: Anyone with dog stuff who wants to sell something to other dog people. (As long as it doesn't break the rules!)

How: The rules:

1. No selling dogs, no selling puppies, no advertising for breeders, stud services, etc. EVER. AT ALL. THIS WILL GET YOU PERMANENTLY BANNED. Also no advertising for false documents like phony registrations.

2. This is meant to be a forum for private parties to list items they wish to sell, buy, etc. However, businesses may also post here as long as they follow the rules. This community is not for pimping other communities, pyramid schemes, or affiliate programs.

3. There is a maximum of one post per day and two posts for the same item from the same seller. Violators of this limit will be drawn, quartered, and fed as part of a well-balanced raw diet.

4. The moderators in no way shape or form claim any sort of warranty, reliability, or responsibility for anything posted in this forum. It is the responsibility of the seller(s) and buyer(s) to ensure that items are being sold as described. To help ensure that everything goes smoothly and is completely legitimate, you must leave comments enabled.

5. Do not post some thing that is illegal, not-work-safe, or even semi-legal. It is the responsibility of the buyer(s) and seller(s) to see if questionable items are legal where they live, not the responsibility of the community at large or its moderators. Should a moderator discover that an item is being sold to or from an area in which it is illegal, the post will be deleted!

6. You must join the community to post.

7. The Moderator(s) reserve the right to remove any post that is deemed inappropriate, obnoxious, off topic, or otherwise in violation of the rules without any warning whatsoever.

8. Any spammer will be banned, dragged into the street, beaten with rotting salmon carcasses and fed to the dogs twice.

9. Be considerate of those with dial-up and fancy layouts: Put any large photos, multiple photos, or extremely long posts behind a cut.

10. Post the location (city/state/country) of you/the item(s) in your post's subject, along with information as to whether you are buying, selling, trading, auctioning, etc.

11. Ask for permission rather than expect forgiveness. The moderator(s) are not forgiving. They are arbitrary and cruel, but welcome questions because they are also pompous and like to hear themselves talk. So if there is any doubt as to the appropriateness of the post ... ask before posting.

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