Neo (into_focus) wrote in dogthings4sale,

Have your pet's fur spun into beautiful yarn!

Hey group,

Here's a great way to use all that hair your pets "gift" to you and put it to good use. I handspin dog and cat hair into beautiful, soft, WARM, and usable yarn. I can also knit it into a variety of items for you if you aren't a crafter yourself. In the past I have made hats, scarves, fingerless mittens, small change purses, doggie sweaters, and even photo frames. As long as the fiber is over an inch in length - it can be spun.

Yarn made of cat or dog hair: 100% pet hair $11.00/oz; blended with top of the line merino wool $13.00/oz

Yarn made of angora rabbit: 100% pet hair $9.00/oz; blended with top of the line merino wool $11.00/oz
  • requests for knitted items varies**
  • presented in a hank for no extra charge; personalized labeling for $2
  • Washing, no extra charge
  • Order minimum charge is $25.00
**items that can be knit: hats, scarves, neck warmers, fingerless mittens/gloves, photo frames, small purses, and other small accessories. Prices will vary depending on item size and how complicated it is.

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