trisha (karatekatkniter) wrote in dogthings4sale,

Bill Pickles Dog Co. (Oneida, NY USA)

Hi Everyone-

(I'm hoping this is allowed, if not please notify me and I will delete.)

I have been a long time member of this community and wanted to invite everyone to check out the launch of Bill Pickles Dog Co. I make homemade gourmet dog treats as well as designer collars and leashes.

The Bill Pickles Website is still under construction, so currently I have listed items on Etsy for the Christmas season. I will also be updating the collars this weekend with many new lines, including a "rebel" line for those "Bad dogs" out there! Please take a minute and check out my items.

Thank you!!

Trisha (owner)

and Lola and Lily (co-tasters)

(cross posted to a few dog communities I belong to)

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