Have your pet's fur spun into beautiful yarn!

Hey group,

Here's a great way to use all that hair your pets "gift" to you and put it to good use. I handspin dog and cat hair into beautiful, soft, WARM, and usable yarn. I can also knit it into a variety of items for you if you aren't a crafter yourself. In the past I have made hats, scarves, fingerless mittens, small change purses, doggie sweaters, and even photo frames. As long as the fiber is over an inch in length - it can be spun.

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10% of all sales going to help homeless dogs!

Hey guys!

Just wanted to let you know about my new business, Underdog Designs! I foster through Ador-A-Bull Dog Rescue (www.ador-a-bull.com) here in Ontario and am donating 10% of every sale directly to them. Thanks for reading and all the support!


Welcome to Underdog Designs! Where fashion and compassion meet! Your dogs are unique, so why shouldn't their collars be? With over 40 different designs to choose from and each collar handmade with only the finest and most durable materials, you can bet you're getting a fashionable and high quality product. And with 10% of every sale going to help homeless dogs, it's a purchase you can feel great about! Check out our rescue page to see the adoptable dogs you are helping.

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Gentle Leader head collar

I've got a pretty much brand new Gentle Leader head collar. It's red and size Large. It's been taken out of the plastic packaging once and adjusted for size (of which it ended up being too big for the dog we got it for). So it's sat around collecting dust 'cause I figured I'd keep it around 'til I had a dog to use it with, but now it's just become more "dog stuff" clutter.

Price I'm asking is $17 shipped. Price is negotiable, or would trade for a Easy-Walk Harness...been wanting to try out one of those lately :)

Let me know if you're interested. I accept PayPal.

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Shinystuff Studio site re-launch

Shinystuff.us has recently been re-designed and relaunched. It features my handmade and painted polymer clay jewelry, ornaments, and geegaws including cell phone charms, wine glass charms, and more. I have lots of breeds currently available, most in multiple colors/patterns (not everything is on the website yet), and specialize in custom orders to match YOUR dog.

Shinystuff Studio

Please check it out!
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Bill Pickles Dog Co. (Oneida, NY USA)

Hi Everyone-

(I'm hoping this is allowed, if not please notify me and I will delete.)

I have been a long time member of this community and wanted to invite everyone to check out the launch of Bill Pickles Dog Co. I make homemade gourmet dog treats as well as designer collars and leashes.


The Bill Pickles Website is still under construction, so currently I have listed items on Etsy for the Christmas season. I will also be updating the collars this weekend with many new lines, including a "rebel" line for those "Bad dogs" out there! Please take a minute and check out my items.

Thank you!!

Trisha (owner)

and Lola and Lily (co-tasters)

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Community Promotion - A Note From Your Mod!

Hello, everyone!

I'd like to apologize for the disappearance of the community promotion button and banner; some problems beyond my control popped up with the image host I was using. I've now uploaded the graphics to my own webspace, so they're not going anywhere this time.

The codes have been updated and you can find 'em all here!

Remember -- promoting the community means more people to buy, more people to buy from, and a lot more fun all around. :)

Wags & Licks,
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