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9th-Oct-2006 07:15 pm - ***MOD POST***
Teary Horror
Greetings fellow dog enthusiasts!

I'm sorry to say that rottnpagan is semi-retiring from LJ; it is for this reason that she has quit our wonderful community (dogthings4sale) and left it entirely in my care.

No need to panic! Everything will essentially remain as it was. The only big difference is that all questions, concerns, reports, etc. will now have to be directed to me. (Don't forget that my contact e-mail is listed in the community profile!)

Rottn, you'll be missed.

Your Faithful & Friendly Neighborhood Mod,
Per mbif's suggestion, I'm posting this here. Last summer, the community of breedists_no had a fundraiser to fight BSL. We had orange bracelets that read "Punish the Deed, Not the Breed" made.

They are $4.00 each (shipping will range from $0.60-$1.50 depending on how many you get). ALL PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED. Since I already have them on hand and they are paid for, 100% (minus the shipping of course) will be donated. In the past I've donated the money to American Dog Owners Association which fights BSL in all states on all levels and Mariah's Promise which is helping the displaced pit bulls in Denver. I've kept in touch with both organizations and both have been very grateful for our donations.

I only have the orange bracelet available: Orange with PUNISH THE DEED, NOT THE BREED. They are medium: 7 3/8"

Paypal is the easiest way to pay for this. If you don't have Paypal we can make alternative arrangements. You may reach me at kychilehead at hotmail dot com.

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Hey guys,
Over the last few months I started to collect items for a smaller dog breed that I wanted. Well, to make a long story short: the dog I'm ending up with is NOT small. Haha, so I have all these untouched dog items lying around.


Most of them are not in their orignal packaging because I was getting them ready for the new puppy, but NONE of them have been used, chewed, etc. I'm REALLY bringing down the price...this is an awesome deal.

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Thanks for looking!
Lindsay (fuu.art@gmail.com)
10th-Sep-2006 01:28 pm - Buying E-Collar in Alaska
Hey all, I'm looking to purchase an electronic collar system. (They're so expensive to buy new, yikes!) If it's a complete collar and not just an attachment, then it needs to be XL/XXL.

I'm looking for something with at least one tone-only setting, preferably multiple tones. The lowest setting for the current should be VERY low; I'm not looking for a torture device, just something to assist with distance training and recall for a hearing-impaired dog.

I'm willing to pay, obviously, and will cover all shipping costs.

(Sorry for anyone who sees this more than once. It's getting crossposted, although I'm spreading it over a few days to avoid taking up huge amounts of space on a bunch of duplicate communities all on one day.)

In order to raise money for a sucessor to my service dog in training Wings, I'm going to be making a special set of pendants. I can't truly call them limited edition, since they're all unique and handmade, but let's just say this is the first group of them.

These are hand-made polymer clay art on 18" silk cord with coordinating colored dichoric glass beads. Each one features an angel pet and is a great way to remember any pets that you may have lost, or as a gift for someone who has lost a pet. Or just a great pic of your pet with wings- in memory of my sweet girl.

3/4" pendants are $12 and 1" pendants are $16.

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The pictures behind this cut are just samples- I can do any breed or species. I take paypal or money mailed, whichever. Any inquiries, please email to trainsdogs@gmail.com. Thanks muchly.
Look behind the cut for more samples.
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Thanks for reading, and thansk for everyone's kind words about Wings. She was a really special dog and will be a very tough act to follow.
BERNEcessities is the Ways & Means store for the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of the Greater Twin Cities. All proceeds go directly towards the club's mission to promote the development, improved breeding practices, and well-being of the purebred Bernese Mountain Dog. The club strives to provide education about the breed to both its members and prospective Bernese Mountain Dog owners.

With numerous rescues and rehomes already this year (more than the last 4 years combined, if not longer!) and the number of mills and proto-mills in Minnesota and the surrounding area increasing, the club's treasury needs more weapons to keep up the fight.

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I wait
I have designed a poster, and I am putting it out there for sale, in order to raise funds for some very good causes.
Each poster is 11"x14", and photographic quality. The cost is $20 plus shipping.
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9th-Aug-2006 09:22 pm - Admin Post! *Nova Scotia, Canada*
Attention dogthings4sale users, both buyers and sellers!!!

Please read rule #10 on our user info and be sure to adhere to it! It makes it easier to locate items in the sidebar. Failure to do so may result in a mod giving a virtual growl and then the post may go bye bye!

Sorry if I sound cranky. It's not you folks, really. :D

Many thanks!
Artist, flatcoated retriever owner and artist from Sweden here!

I currently have four dog pictures up for auction on eBay.Collapse )

I've had this one sitting around for awhile, I've been meaning to put it up forsale. I may have more soon, I have some horses I want to put up and I have a few other things I need to complete.

I ship pretty much anywhere.
My owner says it's Feb 24th 2017, 3:35 am GMT.