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Community Promotion - A Note From Your Mod! 
12th-Oct-2007 12:55 am
Dog - Tailwag
Hello, everyone!

I'd like to apologize for the disappearance of the community promotion button and banner; some problems beyond my control popped up with the image host I was using. I've now uploaded the graphics to my own webspace, so they're not going anywhere this time.

The codes have been updated and you can find 'em all here!

Remember -- promoting the community means more people to buy, more people to buy from, and a lot more fun all around. :)

Wags & Licks,
The Mod
1st-Dec-2008 03:49 am (UTC) - How do I post something for sale?
Would like to post this but don't know where or how?
Ebay dog videos/books for sale:

Item Start End Price Title High Bidder/Status
160302133341 Nov-30-08 Dec-07-08 18:03:21 $6.50 DOG AGILITY FOUNDATION TRAINING by GREG DERRETT VHS No Bids Yet
160302133494 Nov-30-08 Dec-07-08 18:04:02 $7.45 DOG TRAINING OBEDIENCE BODY LANGUAGE: CALMING SIGNALS No Bids Yet
160302133495 Nov-30-08 Dec-07-08 18:04:02 $9.45 DOG AGILITY: Crate Games Susan Garrett Training System dg77( 134)
160302133498 Nov-30-08 Dec-07-08 18:04:02 $8.85 SERVICE DOG TRAINING DVD FOR PEOPLE W/ DISABILITIES No Bids Yet
160302133497 Nov-30-08 Dec-07-08 18:04:03 $5.35 POODLE GROOMING & POODLE CARE PURCHASING A POODLE DVD No Bids Yet
160302133499 Nov-30-08 Dec-07-08 18:04:03 $9.45 DOG AGILITY: Front & Rear Crosses Stacy Peardot-Goudy No Bids Yet
160302133501 Nov-30-08 Dec-07-08 18:04:03 $4.45 CANINE DISC DISC DOG TRAINING CANINE FRISBEE DVD No Bids Yet
160302140490 Nov-30-08 Dec-07-08 18:36:19 $6.50 DOG AGILITY FOUNDATION TRAINING PUPPIES & BEGINNER DOGS dg77( 134)
160302144438 Nov-30-08 Dec-07-08 18:57:06 $6.50 POODLE Official AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB DVD on the Poodle No Bids Yet
160302150384 Nov-30-08 Dec-07-08 19:31:13 $10.96 POODLE SHOW GROOMING: Poodle Continental Trim DVD No Bids Yet
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